Pedicure ~ Sole Therapy    Life stresses will be relieved with a Back,
Neck & Shoulder Massage while soaking your feet. Your feet will be
lavished with products that will exfoliate, re-mineralize and moisturize your
skin, followed by foot massage.   2 hours later your feet will feel like velvet.

Pedicure w/ Reflexology     Treatment includes our SOLE THERAPY
PEDICURE and concludes w/REFLEXOLOGY. Based on the belief that
each organ in the body corresponds to a reflex point in the foot, use of
specific pressure points to release blockage & establish the body's
energy flow.

I'm currently UNABLE TO PERFORM pedicures due to shoulder
injury.  I will update system when I able to lift my arm without pain.
Feel free to text me at 907-388-1082, if you have questions.