Tension never had a chance!

Detoxifying Body Treatment w/essential oils
Aromatherapy Facial
Foot Scrub       
As a festive finish, tired feet & legs are refreshed with a customized

2 hrs. 15
Pamper ME
This package is ALL ABOUT YOU.

Detoxifying Body Treatments
Signature Facial
Eyelash Extension (LITE SET)
A very natural set across the whole eye, with light density for a subtle
enhancement. Or a outer 1/2 eye for a winged effect. If you like thicker, darker looks, this is NOT the look for you.

3 1/2 hours
GREAT Beginnings

Bikini Waxing (female only)
Detoxifying Body Treatment
Cleansing Facial

2 hours
Used in our treatments.
Tempting Packages
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