Lavish Eyelashes Extensions
Touch Up
$ 70.00+
$  50.00
Cry Baby Mascara
semi-permanent mascara created to
be water and sweat resistant that
adds curl, volume, and length to
either natural lashes or extensions,
while also separating and sculpting
the without any mascara up to three
weeks. It is the most recent
revolution in lashes and works
differently than anything on the
Top and Bottom
Just Bottom
Lash Lift ~ Curls Lashes
Lash or Brow Tinting
Lavish Lashes Professional Eyelash
are semi-permanent  
looking eyelashes.  Your eyelashes
are made thicker and longer through
professional application of an
individual synthetic eyelash
extension directly attached to the
natural eyelash with our specially
formulated bonding agent.

Touch Ups: Touch ups will vary from
individual to individual and depend
on your natural eyelash cycle as well
as how you take care of your
between 3 - 4 weeks. You are
eligible for a touch up if at least 50%
of your lash extensions are still
attached. If you wait too long many
of your extensions may fall off and
you will need to have the full set
Lash Lift & Tinting
Ready to ditch the curler?  Lash Lift is
a great alternative to eyelash
extensions or for clients with
sensitivities. It is a low maintenance
lash solution for clients as results lasts
up to 12 weeks ~ $50.00